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My first tattoo

So, I got my first tattoo today, and it was a somewhat emotional experience for me. Let me explain.

I saw a video a while ago on YouTube that was presented by one of my favourite photographers. It was about printing and selling your photographs and the emotional connection to the process. It is trusting a printing house to do your photograph justice. Finally, the feeling that you get when somebody appreciates your work so much that they want to spend money to have it in their home where they look at it every day and show it to their acquaintances.

In a sense, that was how I felt getting this tattoo. I found an image, done by an artist unknown to me, but it resonated with me and I wanted to use it to portray an aspect of my life. It is an appreciation of his, or her talent. I entrusted this permanent capturing of that image onto my body to the capabilities of another skilled and talented person. This image is now a permanent part of me, telling a story, to showcase to my family and friends and even strangers. I am grateful for these talented people that made it possible for me to tell the world a little bit about myself, with words I did not have.

To summarise: Tattooing, for me, is about appreciation, storytelling, talent, trust and gratefulness.

My birth- or star sign is Leo, and I have always had a great appreciation of the male lion and what it represents. For me, the lion symbolises leadership and protection. He is the king of the jungle, after all. He takes care of his pride, but with the help of his lionesses. He teaches the young males and passes down his skills and knowledge. The image that I selected, and in some way, totally unknowingly, shows a lot of how I see myself and would like to be seen by others. It is a line drawing, very minimalistic, yet bold and strong. It is not complete, or whole, indicating that I am in no way perfect but a work in progress, continually evolving. Showing that I am part of a team, with my lioness at my side, making me whole. For me, the orange of eyes, albeit piercing, displays warmth to my loved ones but signals caution to those that might threaten them.

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Rietvlei Nature Reserve 2024: Photo Highlights

Rietvlei Nature Reserve belongs to the City of Tshwane and came into existence as a water scheme to supply drinking water to Tshwane. Rietvlei Nature Reserve is, therefore, a fairly big nature reserve in an urban setting and covers about 4,000 ha. It has been a conservation area since 1929. The large animals that occur in this reserve are eland, buffalo, white rhino, red hartebeest, Burchell’s zebra, black wildebeest, blesbok, cheetah, waterbuck, hippo, ostrich and jackal. Nocturnal animals in the reserve are hedgehog, aardvark, serval, bushpig, aardwolf and brown hyena. Many reptile species also occur in Rietvlei Nature Reserve.

Cullinan 2022: Photo Highlights

Cullinan is a small town in the Gauteng province of South Africa. It is located 30 km east of the city of Pretoria along the diamond route and is heavily reliant on tourism and the mine that dominates the skyline. The town is named after diamond magnate Sir Thomas Cullinan.
Info sourced from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cullinan,_South_Africa
Photo capture date & Location: April 2022 Cullinan

Bushtime at Mabula 2018: Photo Highlight

Situated at the foothills of the Waterberg Mountains in a private game reserve, is one of Africa’s hidden secrets. Whether taking a short break or a well-deserved holiday, BushTime at Mabula has it all. Situated at the foothills of the Waterberg mountains, within the 10,000-hectare Mabula Private Game Reserve, this bush resort offers prolific game which includes the “Big 5” and more than 300 recorded bird species.

Info sourced from: https://bushtime.co.za/

Photo capture date & Location: 2018-02 Bushtime at Mabula


BushTime at Mabula

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