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Só praat God ook met ons

Só praat God ook met ons Kyk na die kraaie: hulle saai nie en oes nie; hulle het geen spens of skuur nie, maar God sorg vir hulle… Kyk hoe groei die lelies: hulle swoeg nie en hulle maak nie klere nie, maar ek sê vir julle: Selfs Salomo in al sy prag was nie geklee […]

Why Did You Marry ________?

Realization #71: Why Did You Marry ________? Posted March 27, 2013 by Things You Realize After You Get Married in Gratitude. Tagged: 3 things that made you want to marry your spouse, 80:20 rule, focus is key, focus on what you want, Husband, marriage, relationship, why did you marry?. Leave a Comment A long time ago, I wrote about the 80:20 rule. This was one of […]

Living life

My grandfather always said that living is like licking honey off a thorn. Louis Adamic March 23, 1899: Novelist and political activist Louis Adamic was born in present-day Slovenia, 114 years ago today.

Top 10 Signs That He/She is “The One” For You :)

Top 10 Signs That He/She is “The One” For You 🙂 by Celes on Mar 13, 2013 | ShareThis  Email This Post When he/she loves you for who you are. NOT who he/she wants you to be. When he/she respects you as an individual. He/she lets you grow as yourself, into your own, and does not impose his/her expectations on you. When […]