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Top 10 Signs That He/She is “The One” For You :)

Top 10 Signs That He/She is “The One” For You 🙂

by Celes on Mar 13, 2013 | ShareThis Email This Post Email This Post
  1. When he/she loves you for who you are. NOT who he/she wants you to be.
  2. When he/she respects you as an individual. He/she lets you grow as yourself, into your own, and does not impose his/her expectations on you.
  3. When you smile just by thinking of him/her. (And you can’t help but think about him/her too, sometimes. :) )
  4. When you can’t wait to see him/her again.
  5. When you will do whatever it takes just to be with him/her.
  6. When he/she will do whatever it takes just to be with you too:)
  7. When he/she inspires you to be more than who you are.
  8. When both of you bring out the best in each other. He/she inspires positive emotions in you, such as happiness, inspiration, contentment, and hopefulness, rather than negative emotions such as unhappiness, apprehension, doubt, fear, or anger.
  9. When he/she makes you feel good about yourself. He/she does not put you down whether directly or indirectly; neither does he/she induce self-doubt in you.
  10. When you can simply be yourself around him/her, without ever trying to be like someone else or behave in a certain way that’s not you at all. You are able to shine in your own light without having to dumb or dial yourself down, as he/she does too when both of you are around each other.

Does your current crush or significant other measure up against those ten signs above? This is definitely one list to cross-check your romantic partners with now or in the future, if you are ever unsure whether he/she is the one. 🙂

For the counter version of this list, check out Top 12 Signs It’s Time To Move On From A Relationship.

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